My name is Manuela Ferrari, I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at McGill University and a Researcher at the Douglas Research Centre in Montreal. I am committed to enhancing access to care, treatment, and client engagement with services using digital health intervention. I use participatory design to create or adapt e-mental health interventions. This methodology allows working in close contact with users of technologies: People with lived experience, family members, carers, and health care providers. Working with youth, we are developing a unique program of research on digital narratives, including digital storytelling and video game-based interventions, for mental health promotion, treatment, and anti-stigma campaigns. I think digital storytelling and video games, as a fun, interactive, and storytelling medium can help us improve access to care by decreasing stigma and promote recovery. Digital storytelling can also be used as a powerful and creative media tool to promote awareness and understanding of how people experience mental illness.