Student Affiliate

Laura Bucaro is a fourth-year history student at Concordia working with Jasmin Anisa Cardillo on their project: Teach Me How To History

Teach me how to History

Laura and Jasmin have recently created a podcast outside of school called Teach Me How To History, and would love for Concordia to be a part of it. The purpose behind this project is to provide simple yet engaging descriptions of current events or topics of interest by providing its historical background to it. They believe that in order for anyone to understand our reality, we must understand how events from the past have lead to the world we live in today. They use both their podcast and social media (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat) to engage with their listeners and havemuch needed conversations regarding current events.  The project is a podcast that teaches those who would not initially have an interest in history the importance behind the subject and how it related to everything around us. They use this podcast to share their stories and perspectives on certain issues, as well as including academic sources as well. We also intend to have guests that may be more familiar with certain topics that they would interview in order to gather their stories as well, and add to the narrative. They intend to use the studies of oral history to provide historical knowledge to those who would not think to seek it elsewhere.