Community Affiliate

Kristen Young is a Community Archivist and Records Manager currently based in Montreal. Since moving to Montreal in 2014, Kristen has completed a Masters in Information Studies at McGill University and worked in the archives of the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling from January 2015 to the summer of 2017, as their Archives Coordinator.

In addition, Kristen has been and is currently volunteering in an archivist and records manager capacity in various projects in Montreal-based institutions including la Maison d’Haiti, Head and Hands, the Alfie Roberts Institute, and the Jamaica Association of Montreal. She is also currently working in private archives with a focus on photographic archives. As a diasporic individual with a background in History at the University of Toronto, Kristen is interested in the intersection of archives, history, memory, and identity and how they interact in community environments. Particularly, Kristen is interested in community-based archives and the ways archiving and popular education go hand-in-hand in the community setting.