Research Affiliate

Grace Wu is an interdisciplinary researcher and writer who works at the intersections of storytelling, technology and public engagement. She is a Co-Investigator of Remembering Refuge: Between Sanctuary and Solidarity, highlighting the experiences of Haitian, Guatemalan and Salvadoran refugees and their experiences of the US-Canada border. Grace has over a decade of experience in refugee advocacy, human rights and technology, including at Amnesty International and the Canadian Council for Refugees. She has taught on Human Rights and Design and decolonizing understandings of human rights, at the Master’s program on Inclusive Design at the Ontario College of Arts and Design University in Toronto. She is co-author of a forthcoming chapter on the nexus and impact of U.S. immigration and foreign policy on Haiti, in a series from Routledge Press. Grace holds a Master of Arts in Immigration and Settlement Studies from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

Remembering Refuge: Between Sanctuary and Solidarity

Remembering Refuge aims to increase understanding of the complex contexts that motivate migration in North America and foster critical thinking about how borders work. Through oral history research with Salvadorans and Guatemalans who crossed the border in the 1980s and Haitians who have crossed the same border more recently, the key output will be a digital archive of oral histories and teaching modules aimed at secondary and post-secondary educators and students that will illuminate the lives of these border crossers, Canada-US border communities, and the border itself.


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