She:kon, my name is Rae Skye Katsi’tsaronkwas Brooke Rice.  I am Snipe clan of the Kanien’keha:ka from Kahnawake.  I come from a culture deeply intertwined in the stories of cosmological creation which fosters our ways of knowing.  Oral tradition was the main method of intergenerational transmission of knowledge for Rotinonhshon:ni (People of the Longhouse).  I am currently in pursuit to commence my jounry in the INDI’s Masters program and honoured to work with the center to record and highlight the importance of surviving through our stories.

Surviving Through Stories: Resilience is the backbone to Community Healing

The project would conduct several interviews of personal accounts of living in Kahnawake: the past and the present, by all age demography. We are all comprised of personal experience that fabricates together to complete the whole picture.  Gathering these stories, I will be able to highlight the importance of honouring our past to self determine the new narrative.  Collective community health by traditional Kanien’keha:ka kinship paradigms.