Research Affiliate

Informed by a sculptural sensibility combining a practice of observation through gesture in a variety of media including site-specific interventions, sound installations and image-making both moving and still, faye mullen’s practice adapts to relational contexts and is informed by community responsibilities in the capacity of le’nikónirare.  As a 2S mixed person of Anishinaabe and settler heritage, their practice reaches toward horizontality worlding queer imaginings and decolonial ways of being. faye holds a BFA from OCAD (Toronto) + ENSBA (Paris), is a recipient of master’s degrees from both the UofT (Toronto) and Fresnoy (Tourcoing). Their work has been exhibited in group + solo exhibitions in Asia, Australia, Europe and across their home lands on Turtle Island. They currently situate their practice in and alongside the community of Tiohtiá:ke/Mooniyang/Montréal navigating efforts to lift the voices of kin, bridge understandings, and honour sacred silences.