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In 2010, a team based at COHDS and led by Dr. Steven High assessed the current state of knowledge in oral and public history in relation to new media, identify emerging trends, and consider the public policy implications of our findings. The results of this project can be found in the attached report and in the Oral Historian's Digital Toolbox below.

This section includes mapping tools such as Explora, Google Maps, iTouch Maps. and Mscpae.

This section includes mobile apps such as Brightkite, Socialite, and Streetmuseum.

This section includes indexing and database building tools such as Interclipper, Nvivo, and Testimony Software.

This section includes online content management and web delivery tools such as Dreamweaver, Drupal, and Omeka.

This section includes digital storytelling tools such as Dipity, VoiceThread, and VUVOX.

This section includes two voice to text tools: Akustyk and Express Scribe.

This section includes audio and video editing tools such as Adobe Premiere Elements, Audacity, and Final Cut Pro.

This section includes augmented reality  tools such as History Pin, Layar, and Wikitude.

This section includes qualitative analysis tools such as SEASR, Many Eyes, and Transana.

This section includes two word clouds tools: Tagul and Wordle.

This section includes social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and Second Life.


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