Known Issues and Bugs

Version 1.6g

With each updated version of Stories Matter we’ve tried to tackle as many bugs as possible; the process of working out the kinks is ongoing. Many previous issues have been resolved with v.1.6g, however there are still a few bugs. The following is a list of the issues we are aware of, and in some cases, the methods we have been using at COHDS to work around them until they are resolved.

We greatly appreciate feedback from Stories Matter users regarding any bugs in the software. If you encounter any, please contact us so that we can help you work around it if possible, and document it as an existing issue.  As most of us in the COHDS lab are working on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac 10.6 Snow Leopard, we would also appreciate your feedback as to how Stories Matter is performing on other operating systems, such as Windows Vista, Mac OSx 10.7 and 10.8 (Lion and Mountain Lion).

Interviews Longer than 2:40:46

This problem occurs when using Stories Matter to merge interviews with an online server.

Once uploaded from the local computer onto a server, any clips made after 02:40:46 in the interview will show 2:40:46 as both the start and end time of the clip. When downloading the interview to a computer other than the one it was created on, these clips will show the time codes as 2:40:46 as well. This sometimes results in the effected clips becoming chronologically disordered in the list of clips.

*Fix: While there is currently no way to work around this inside of Stories Matter, at the Centre we have been coping with this during the process of converting interview media to .flv files.  We divide longer interview sessions into two parts, so that neither part exceeds 2:40:46 in length. The interview session thus appears in the Sessions list as:

SMITH, John_Session 1 (Part 1/2)
SMITH, John_Session 1 (Part 2/2)

Duplicating Sessions /Clips

This problem occurs while in online mode (connected to a server)
It occurs in the process of duplicating an interview session.

The “Duplicate Interview” function will not reproduce all of the interview clips; only the last clip appears in the duplicated session’s list of clips.

*Fix: Rather than duplicating an interview session in online mode (while logged into the server) we recommend creating a duplicate of the interview while in offline mode. If the interview does not exist on your local computer, download it through the merging process, and then upload the copy to the server and move the file to the desired location.

Session Level: Layout of Elements

This problem occurs while in online mode (connected to a server) and offline mode.
It occurs when selecting the session level of an interview, and presents itself two different ways:

  1. Elements in the Stories Matter window are compressed – specifically the space below the media player there the session options and info tabs appear.
  2. The media player takes up most of the central space, pushing the session options and info tabs to the bottom of the page.

*Fix: Move your cursor to the session options (off-white coloured bar containing the options “Create Session Thumbnail” etc.) When your cursor turns into a little hand, click and drag this bar upward until it is the thickness you desire.

Tag Cloud: Letters Using Accents

This problem occurs in offline mode.
It occurs in using characters that require an accent as tag terms to appear in the tag cloud.

Rather than appear in alphabetical order, characters containing an accent appear at the bottom of the tag cloud. For example é, rather than appearing in the tag cloud amongst words beginning with e, will appear instead at the very bottom of the tag cloud.

*Fix: Unfortunately we have not found a way to manipulate or work around this bug.

Tag Cloud Navigation: Moving From One Interview to Another via the Cloud.

This problem occurs while in online mode (connected to a server) and in offline mode.
This problem occurs in the process of selecting clips from the tag cloud search results.

When selecting an interview session or clip through the terms in the tag cloud, the first attempt bring up the appropriate session and clips in all fields. However , returning to the tag cloud and selecting a new interview/session or clip from the results, the interview clips do not refresh to display the new interview, but continue to display those from the first interview visited.  (The media player does play the correct clip.)

*Fix: We recommend that when selecting a clip, you take a glance at the clip title first. When you select the clip from the search results, you can manually refresh the list of clips by using the navigation pane in the upper right. Scrolling down, you will see the interviewee/session you chose highlighted in blue. Click on this, and the list of clips will refresh to display the correct interviewee. You will have to scroll through the list of clips and click to manually select the clip you located in the search results.

Tag Cloud: Comma Separated Tags at Session Level.

This problem occurs while in online mode (connected to a server) and in offline mode.
It occurs when attempting to remove tag terms from these spaces.

When attempting to delete tag terms from the comma separated tags space at the interviewee level, it is not possible to remove all the tag terms and revert to a blank space. Although the terms appear to be deleted, when you navigate away from the space, you will find the tag terms have reappeared when you return.

Fix: Unfortunately we have not found a way to manipulate or work around this bug, other than minimizing the data in this field to include only one term.

Merging: Cancelling an Upload

This problem occurs while in online mode (connected to a server).
It occurs when attempting to cancel the upload of a new interview to the server.

When attempting to cancel the upload of an interview to the server, the process cancels, but session/interviewee information still appears in the projects list. The text appears to have downloaded, but the media file is not functional.

Although this bug is readily apparent in uploading a new interview, as a new interviewee name appears, it is not so readily apparent when cancelling out of the merge process for existing interviews. It is possible that if one attempts to cancel the merge/upload process for an interview that is already on the server, and has been clipped and indexed, that particular segments of the offline data may be integrated into the online space.  This will not cause a problem if the online and offline data is the same, but it may if they are different.

**Please double check before merging, that you really do want the offline and online files to become integrated.

*Fix: Unfortunately there is not current fix to this. We recommend immediately deleting the partial interview record from the projects list immediately after cancelling an upload.

Mac Users

The following known issues with Stories Matter are relevant only for Mac users, and may be resolved as new versions of Adobe Air are released:

Stories Matter for Mac cannot convert alternative video file formats (such as AVI) to FLV within the software, meaning that users will need to perform the conversion manually. A Video Conversion Manual can be found in the help menu.

Stories Matter for Mac cannot export clips to AVI for incorporation into PowerPoint and other software.

Stories Matter for Mac cannot export playlists.

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