Welcome BNA-BBOT: New Collaborators in Stories Matter, Phase II!

Posted by Erin Jessee

The Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling is pleased to announce the start of a new phase of international and interdisciplinary collaboration with Bruxelles nous appartient, Brussel behoort ons toe (BNA-BBOT), based out of Belgium (http://www.bna-bbot.net/Public/). Translated in English, their name means “Brussels belongs to us!” BNA-BBOT is a dynamic collective that works on urban ethnology. Through innovative methods and intervention studies, they work to reveal how “coexistence” in the city organizes and manifests itself. In this way they are creating an alternative image of Brussels as perceived by its inhabitants, who are actively involved in their projects. This new collaboration has emerged out of several weeks of conversation regarding the functionality of Phase II, and possibilities for making Stories Matter relevant for a wider range of academics, professionals and students around the world.

New additions to the Stories Matter development team include: Julie Rodeyns, a freelance researcher and artist who specializes in the performing arts and urban ethnology; Wouter Bouchez, a project coordinator who specializes in digitization and the use of new media; Muriel Claeys, a project coordinator who specializes in the writing and production of radio documentaries; and Severine Jannsen, a sociologist who specializes in the construction of history and “the ideology of diversity” as expressed by public institutions.

Welcome Julie, Wouter, Muriel and Severine! We look forward to many months of fruitful collaboration!

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