Announcing the Start of Stories Matter, Phase II

Posted by Erin Jessee

It is with great pleasure that the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling and BNA-BBOT announces the start of Phase II of Stories Matter. Taking Phase I as its foundation, Phase II will include the development of an online platform for the software, which will allow multiple users to collaborate on the creation of a single database through an online server. As part of this, several new features will be introduced to Stories Matter, including a merge function, database import and export features, and various possibilities for controlling access to the online information. Likewise, several enhancements will be made to Stories Matter in order to improve its usability. These enhancements include: an more specific search tool that will allow users to search among specific fields of information in their databases; a more complex tag cloud feature that will allow users to generate tag clouds for a specific project, interviewee, or session; and the introduction of administrator, project manager, publisher, registered user, and guest accounts for accessing a given database. Once stable, all enhancements will be added to the offline (Phase I) and online (Phase II) versions of Stories Matter, so continue checking the blog and Stories Matter website ( for updates to the software and the overall development process.

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