Erin Jessee

I am a doctoral candidate in Concordia`s Interdisciplinary Humanities PhD program in Montreal QC. My areas of interest include the application of oral history, ethnography and forensic archaeology to the study of mass human right violations. To this end, I have recently completed 14 months of intensive fieldwork in Rwanda and Bosnia-Hercegovina where I conducted life history and thematic interviews with survivors, convicted perpetrators and ex-combatants affected by recent genocide and crimes against humanity. I’ll be defending my dissertation, tentatively titled “Inscribed Intent: Symbolic Violence and Social Death in the Aftermath of the Rwandan and Bosnian Genocides” in the coming spring of 2010. Prior to this, I completed a M.A in Forensic Archaeology and a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Anthropology and Archaeology at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby BC.

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