About Version 1.6g

Improvements in 1.6g 

Exporting clips and playlists to desktop.

Apologies to Mac users, this feature is only available to PC users for the time being.

PC users can now successfully export clips and playlists to your desktops. If you have created playlists, or would like to in the future, you can now export them to your desktop as an .avi file as well.  In Stories Matter 1.6e this process generated a folder called “Stories Matter on the desktop, but the .avi file did not appear in the folder. In Stories Matter 1.6g, the folder will now contain your clip or playlist in .avi format when the export process is complete. We hope this makes assembling dynamic teaching materials and presentations, and assembling other project materials.

Duplicating Projects, Interviewees and Sessions

Sometimes you might want to integrate an existing interview Session or Interviewee into a new project, but would like to leave it within its original context. With the Duplicate Project Session and Interviewee options it is possible to duplicate and rename interviewee’s and sessions in order to have the same source in place within different projects.

Relocating Interviewees and Sessions

It is now possible to relocate any Interviewee, Session, or Clip within your Stories Matter Database. For those who use Stories Matter’s online capabilities to share projects between users, this will allow you to integrate interviewees and sessions from separate projects into a single location. For users who use Stories Matter to manage their personal collection(s), this will allow you to move particular interviewees, sessions, or clips between projects, or reassemble sections of existing projects into an entirely new one.


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