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CONTENTdm is digital collection management software which allows for the upload, description, management, and access of digital collections.  The software accepts a number of different file types such as .pdf, images, video, and audio files.  CONTENTdm is predominately used by libraries, archives, museums, government agencies, universities, corporations, historical societies, and other organizations that wish to host a digital collection.

There are a number of license options, and users must contact CONTENTdm for pricing.


“The problem in CONTENTdm is that the visualization for the breadth and depth
of oral history collections is weak. The compound object concept is useful to some extent but we would need it to go down another layer to have a palatable navigability within and across interviews.”1


CONTENTdm is the most widely installed digital collection management system used by libraries. Several hundred organizations use CONTENTdm through their own licenses or by partnering with other institutions.2

The Southern Historical Collection together with UNC Libraries hosts the Southern Oral History Program digital collection:  http://www.lib.unc.edu/dc/sohp/

“we made the decision to migrate to CONTENTdm in order to be able to mount an increasing number of born digital and digitized materials on the Web, as well as to increase search capabilities. So far, the new site offers 330 more digital transcripts than were previously available online, as well as appr. 290 more digital audio interviews. These numbers will only continue to grow! The new site also allows users to browse interviews based on interviewee ethnicity or occupation, interviewer or interviewee, project, or subject.”3

For a hefty list of libraries/organizations using CONTENTdm, see: http://www.oclc.org/contentdm/collections/default.htm

Future Directions:

This is a useful tool for managing digitized content and making it easier for the general public to access via Internet searches. It can be used as is, or the API can help users create custom solutions. Due to its popularity, it might be a good teaching tool.


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