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Rue-ELLES/Urban Lifest♀ries, YWCA, Montreal

Rue-Elles/Urban Lifest♀ries was a workshop series with the YWCA and Mapping Memories. The series was directed towards women and girls with experience living in the street who developed stories and photographs over 2 workshops of 4 days each. The first week we worked primarily with women over 30 and the second week we worked with teenagers and young women under the age of 25. The workshops were held at the YWCA and at the headquarters of LOVE (Leave Out Violence), a youth violence prevention organization. With the resulting work we created an art installation that was up for five weeks on Pierce Street at the corner of St. Catherine Street West.

Mapping Narratives has also led workshop series with the Leadership Department of the YWCA, Montreal. Group Facilitators learned how to frame story narratives, take still photographs, and record audio stories. The stories are being used as models in workshops conducted with women and girls. Look for the examples under video.


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