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Digital storytelling is usually associated with short autobiographical narratives that combine photographs and short written narratives. Combining photography and writing is effective because the technology is quick to grasp and permits a group to emphasize message over technological know-how. Find handouts on writing, photography, and working with sensitive stories.

PhotoVoice is an international organization and a method that uses photography as an advocacy tool to help individuals voice their personal experiences of oppression and lobby for social reform. Digital storytelling is a methodology that was developed at the University of California (Berkeley) by the Center for Digital Storytelling ). The term can also refer to more complex projects and involve hypertext fiction, animations, and any form of narrative designed to be diffused via the Internet. Mapping Memories developed weekend and longer term courses to explore these different methods of digital storytelling and you can find our more by downloading chapter 3, 4 or 5 under Book.

Center for Digital Storytelling

Young mothers with experience living on the street told their own stories through photography in "I Was Here."

Presentation: Artistic Elements in Composition

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