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Directed by Dr. Julie-Anne Boudreau 
INRS - Urbanisation, culture et société


Youth Constructions of Identity and Territoriality in Working-class and Immigrant Neighbourhoods("Constructions identitaires et territorialités des jenes des quartiers populaires et d'immigration : une comparaison entre Montréal et la banlieue parisienne") is a research project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (Insight Grants) led by INRS - Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre (Montreal). COHDS and other Canadian and French partners are currently participating in this research.

A comparative survey of how youth culture is produced in working-class and immigrant neighbourhoods, this project seeks to contribute to a better understanding of popular culture as a form of identity rooted in the past and a projected future within a specific territory. Our methodology combines oral history, critical geography and sociology. We use ethnographic observations, different types of interviews, recorded or not, life stories and workshops where youth can map out and communicate their own sense of place, of their neighbourhood, of their city and beyond.




Concordia University