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Keep Me in Mind


The COHDS was a partner in the coordination and production of a performance that took place between June 20th and 26th 2014 at the Montreal Centre for Sustainable Development.  Montreal was the third stop for this international production initiated by Christina Friedrich and Michael Brauchli.  The performance KEEP ME IN MIND retells the life stories of seven survivors of the Shoah. The relaying and passing on of drawings, photographs, and a few cherished personal belongings allow for a vivid and palpable encounter with the life experiences of these European refugees, as they enter the storytelling canon of the collective consciousness.

The COHDS played a key role as regional coordinator helping to recruit "messengers", the performers who recreate and adapt the seven biographies, to transmit the stories if the 7 Shoah survivors with aid of photographs, illustrations and personal objects. The COHDS hosted the initial recruiting and training sessions and was instrumental in promoting the performances.


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