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COHDS is proud to be formally part of a Canadian Institutes for Health Research project for the first time. It is a two-year partnership development project, jointly funded by the CIHR and SSHRC, that focus on two children's hospitals in Toronto. Led by Laurie Gottlieb, of McGill's School of Nursing, with Steven High as a co-researcher, this project will use oral history and story-sharing in order to build communities of caring, encourage reflexive practice, and effect social and political change. Digital stories will also be integrated into nursing training.

The 4th Annual Emerging Scholars Symposium in Oral, Digital and Public History will be held on Friday, March 31st, 2017 at COHDS.

The COHDS Annual Symposium on Oral, Digital and Public History offers an opportunity for emerging scholars to present work at any stage, to exchange ideas, and to connect with other researchers and creators.

We invite graduate students to submit proposals that feature projects in oral, digital, or public history, broadly defined. Students in related fields, including museum studies, education, documentary filmmaking, memory studies, new media art, sociology, anthropology, geography, and others are welcome to participate.

COHDS is seeking an interim associate director for a one-year replacement, starting January 1st, 2017 (maternity leave). We invite all candidates to submit their CV and a statement of interest by email to the attention of Ronald Rudin, Co-Director, before November 15.

In collaboration with the Concordia University Community Lecture Series on HIV/AIDS, COHDS presents a lecture and a workshop on AIDS activism next week with Gary Kinsman and Alexis Shotwell.

Lecture: "Forgotten Stories:
 Early AIDS activism in Montreal

October 27 at 7pm

Location: Room J.A. de Sève

Workshop: "Oral history, memory, and the social organization of forgetting​ - The AIDS Activist History Project"

October 28 from 3-5pm

Location: Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling

October 22-23 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Listening with Heart:
Tools for self-awareness and skillful communication from the Compassionate Listening Project

After the first “Decolonizing Research”, which took place in October 2015, we are happy to present a new extended workshop, offered by our core member Sharon Gubbay Helfer. This two-day skill-building workshop will introduce the five core practices developed by the Compassionate Listening Project: listening with the heart, speaking from the heart, developing the "fair witness", respecting self and others and cultivating compassion. In addition, it will present techniques for skillful questioning, and stimulate awareness of the judgments and triggers that get in the way of hearing clearly. All material will be presented and practiced, using demonstrations and role-plays in large and small groups. Group size will be 10-15 participants.

Wednesday, October 12, from 4:00 to 6:00PM

Since 2016 marks the centenary of Irish Independence and the 20th anniversary of the closing of the last Magdalene Laundry in Ireland, a series of events are organized all over the world by artists and academics under the 1916: Home: 2016 Memory Event, October 7-31.

As part of this series, Audrey Rousseau and Isobel Plowright will present their research-creation work on the Magdalene Laundries at COHDS. Following the screening of Audrey’s documentary film and exploring Isobel’s installation, both presenters will briefly reflect on their work, before engaging in a discussion with the public.

Click here to register to this workshop.

Join us on Thursday, October 6, for a “5 à 7” celebrating five books published by our affiliates in the last year! There will be wine, cheese and a draw for books. Copies will also be available for purchase (cash only). With Gavin Foster, Patrick Leroux, Stéphane Martelly, Doug Miller and Ronald Rudin. Welcome to all!

Thursday, September 29, from 5:00 to 7:00PM

In their annual reports, a number of affiliates expressed the need for more occasions to meet and get to know each other. This event will bring together affiliates to explore common research interests, methodologies and themes. Newcomers to COHDS are welcome to take this occasion to meet other members of the community. This event might lead to the creation of affinity groups among affiliates.

This event will be hosted by Wendy Allen and Lisa Ndejuru, core members of COHDS.

Click here to register.


Next week's workshop, "Urban Enchantments: The City as Collaborator", will take place on Wednesday from 12:00 to 2:00PM.

Dr. Cynthia Hammond will discuss her combined practice as an artist, historian of the built environment, and community-engaged curator, through which she creates public events and art projects that directly connect residents with urban history and debates surrounding current development.

Click here to register.

COHDS Annual General Assembly will take place this Friday, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in our sunroom. Lunch will be served. The event will begin with a talk by Leila Qashu, based on her dissertation, “Towards an Understanding of Justice, Belief and Women's Rights: Ateetee, an Arsi Oromo women's musical dispute resolution process in Ethiopia." Leila Qashu is a Banting Post-Doctoral Fellow, who has recently joined us at COHDS. Click here to register to the event.



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