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La création comme manière de penser les traditions et de les actualiser dans l'espace urbain.

The Critical Creation Series are curated by Stéphane Martelly and Lilia Topouzova, Postdoctoral Fellows at COHDS, and will take place at Concordia University from June 6th to June 7th as part of the Critical Heritage Studies Third Biennial Conference (from June 3rd to June 8th).

With: Lilia Topouzova, Livia Daza-Paris, Dominique Fontaine, Lisa Ndejuru, David Ward, Zab Maboungou, Karla Etienne, Zab Maboungou/Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata, Milan Tanedjikov, Jonathan Carlone, Marina Carrier, Genia De Marco, Katelyn Dobbin, Saba Golabi, Kat Sawan.​

Ronald Rudin, Co-Director of COHDS and professor in Concordia’s Department of History, has recently published his seventh book, Kouchibouguac: Removal, Resistance and Remembrance at a Canadian National Park (University of Toronto Press, 2016).

COHDS is proud to announce two newly funded SSHRC projects in partnership with Montreal’s Rwandan community. (1) COHDS and Page-Rwanda were awarded a four-year Partnership Development grant from SSHRC to develop an innovative online “Living Archives of Rwandan Exiles and Survivors in Canada / Archives vivantes des Rwandais exilés au Canada suite au génocide et aux violences antérieures / Ubuhamya bw’Abanyarwanda bahungiye muri Canada Jenoside n’itotezwa ryayibanjirije.” The project will also involve substantial tools development, including a new web application of Stories Matter and a data visualization tool that will allow us to identify patterns across an entire interview collection. Congratulations Steven High, Callixte Kabayiza, Emmanuel Habimana, Sébastien Caquard and, Lu Xiao. (2) Sébastien Caquard also received a SSHRC Insight Grant, with Steven High, Sabine Bergler, and Catherine Dominquès, for “Des récits à la carte: méthodologies, technologies et approches sensibles pour cartographier des récits de vie de réfugiés rwandais.” This project will develop a new narrative mapping tool that will enable us to visualize spatial patterns within, between and across survivor interviews. Both projects build directly on the Montreal Life Stories project.

COHDS is looking to hire an archival assistant for June and July.

***Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident paying Quebec tuition fees, and have applied for and be receiving Quebec student aid in 2016-2017, including the Summer semester***

Deadline to apply: May 15th, 2016

Our last round table will take place on Wednesday, April 27, from 10:00 to 12:00PM. This round table, with Simon Harel, Steven High, and Catherine Charlebois, will give us the chance to revisit the previous discussions and to think about different approaches and objects concerning self narratives and specifically the way that they represent and reconfigure the city though inscription, telling, hearing, erasing, loss and re-creation.

"What strikes me about these interviews is the joy with which the Mercier speak about their families, homes, schools, churches, vacations, first loves, friends, jobs, and sport teams. I never sense anger when they talk about the wrecking balls that demolished entire sections of their community." -G. Scott MacLeod

Created by G. Scott MacLeod, In Griffintown takes visitors into the neighbourhood of Griffintown, as depicted through the lives and memories of the Mercier family. On April 19th from 12 to 2pm, come visit the exhibition and hear G. Scott MacLeod and Catherine Charlebois tackle the creation process from their respective standpoints as creators, artists, and museologists. *This event will take place at the Centre d'histoire de Montréal (335, place D'Youville Old Montréal).

COHDS is proud to announce that Concordia University has named Dr. Kathleen Vaughan, Associate Professor in the Department of Art Education and core member of our research unit, and Dr. Cynthia Hammond, Chair of the Department of Art History and core affiliate, as Co-Directors of COHDS. Starting June 1st, 2017, they will be leading COHDS over the next three years. This is an important moment in the history of COHDS, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. We are excited by what Kathleen and Cynthia have to offer COHDS!


COHDS is proud to announce that Dr. Cynthia Hammond, currently Chair of the Department of Art History at Concordia and a core affiliate of our research unit, has been named by Concordia University as an incoming Co-Director of COHDS. She will take up the position on June 1st, 2017, once she returns from sabbatical. Ronald Rudin will continue as Co-Director until then. We are all very excited by what Cynthia will bring to COHDS. Congratulations!

Today is the big day! Join us for the Emerging Scholars' Symposium at LB-1042 (from 8:30 am to 4:45 pm) and drop by to listen to some oral history projects at our listening booth in LB-1017.03 (the interview room). Free coffee and lunch!



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