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Le colloque La désindustrialisation et ses conséquences est organisé conjointement par le Centre d'histoire orale et de récits numérisés de l'Université Concordia et le Scottish Oral History Centre de l'Université de Strathclyde à Glasgow.

Concordia University is seeking an emerging Canadian or international scholar (within 10 years of receiving the PhD) demonstrating promising and innovative investigations into the production, circulation, preservation and/or display of audio-visual cultures with research focusing on the challenges and opportunities presented by new technologies in understanding past and present audiovisual phenomena, broadly defined.

Memorial University of Newfoundland invites applications for the Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Cultural and Economic Transformation.

"Most discussions of oral history method are rooted in abstract ideas about what interviewing should be and should achieve. However, interviews are ultimately personal interactions between human beings, and as such they rarely conform to a methodological ideal.

L’Université Concordia est fière d’accueillir, du 12 au 16 mai 2014, le 82e Congrès de l’Association francophone pour le savoir — Acfas, à Montréal. Il s’agit d’une première dans l’histoire de notre établissement, qui célébrera également son 40e anniversaire l’an prochain. 

Plusieurs histoires fascinantes liées au passé canadien demeurent inconnues du grand public. Le projet de notre affilié Ronald Rudin a permis de réhabiliter un pan important de l'histoire des personnes sourdes et malentendantes de Montréal.

All across the world a wide range of people travel to and from work – women and men, citizens and temporary foreign workers, new workers and those near retirement.

Le Département d'histoire de l'Université Concordia annonce sa série de conférences 2013-2014.

'This book will be a valuable addition for students and scholars of twentieth-century working lives and will undoubtedly be cited as a key text. It is a sensitive, balanced and richly informed survey.' – Sheila Blackburn, University of Liverpool

"Unfolding the Unexpectedness of Uncertainty: Creative Nonfiction and the Lives of Becoming Teachers" invites readers to share in the stories of Ruth, Ann and Nathalie as they transition from students to teachers. Rendering their experiences as short stories from the field of teacher education brings a dimension of social biography to scholarship.



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