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Chère communauté du CHORN,

Le Centre d’histoire orale et de récits numérisés et le Bureau de l’engagement communautaire sont heureux d’annoncer que Joyce Pillarella est la récipiendaire du prix Little de l’année 2019.


We regret that, due to unforeseen circumstances, the remaining events in the Listening Tables series have been canceled. We thank all registrants for their interest.

Le Prix Little

Le Centre d’histoire orale et de récits numérisés et le Bureau de l’engagement communautaire sont heureux de solliciter les nominations pour le Prix Little.

Le Prix Little est un prix annuel d’une valeur de 500$ décerné par un comité à un.e affilié.e communautaire (ni étudiant.e, ni professeur.e). Cet affilié communautaire doit avoir contribué à sa communauté de manière significative avec la recherche-création en histoire orale, le récit par la pratique artistique, le travail d’histoire orale basé sur le lieu et/ou toute pratique innovante en histoire orale.

Date limite: 12 septembre à 17h

Vendredi le 31 mai de 17h30 à 20h30
Avec Rajni Shah, Tatiana Koroleva et Elena Frantova

Hosted by Mariana Marcassa and Susie Showers

Presented with support from Dr. Luis Sotelo Castro and the Acts of Listening Lab at Concordia University’s Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling (COHDS).

This is the final event in a series of three meetings where artists, scholars, students, and interdisciplinary professionals will share knowledge, techniques, and questions for performing traumatic narratives in theatre. Our aim is to gradually unfold a non-linear conversation through immersive workshops and dynamic discussions.

Samedi le 25 mai de 10h à 20h30

Avec Bernard Duhaime, Kun Mi, Bryan Beyung, Paul Tom et Melissa Lefebvre

« Raconte-moi, Maman… »
Centre Khemara, Histoires de vie

10h - 12h (10ème étage, salle LB-1019)

Professeur Bernard Duhaime,
Droit international UQÀM,
Président-Rapporteur du Groupe de travail sur les disparitions forcées ou involontaires aux Nations Unies

Histoires de vie: « Raconte-moi, Maman… »

13h - 17h (LB DeSève Cinéma - Foyer)

Kun Mi, Bryan Beyung
Danse, Chants-Poésies-Contes
Musique et chanson, Kun Mi
Street-art, Bryan Beyung

18h30 - 20h30 (LB - DeSève Cinema)

Réalisateur Paul Tom
Film documentaire « Bagages »
et rencontre avec le réalisateur Paul Tom
et la metteure en scène Melissa Lefebvre

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Mercredi le 22 mai de 12h à 14h

Avec Pohanna Pyne Feinberg

This workshop focuses on practical, technical and theoretical aspects of creating audio-visual portraits as a method for making oral history research public (Miller, Little & High, 2018) – and also as a legitimate method of interpretation (Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot,1997). Focusing on the process employed for my research-creation thesis project Walking With (www.walkingwith.ca), we will begin by reviewing the project’s objective to explore the pedagogical force of walking through insights offered by artists who walk as an aspect of their practice. We will then discuss what I learned from the process I employed to gather audio and visual material during interviews, to edit the materials in collaboration with interviewees, and then to create montages of the material. 

As an artist-educator and curator, Pohanna Pyne Feinberg’s work is generated by curiosity, the extraordinary in the ordinary, textures of impermanence, the resonance of collective memory, and acts of compassion. Her art practice takes the form of community co-creations, participatory audio walks, mixed media installations, and walk-based collaborations with the commonplace that are expressed through hand-carved printmaking and cyanotypes. Her work as an educator comprises designing and guiding art education programs for cultural organizations and schools. In 2009, she developed InspireArt.org, an on-line magazine with the mandate to increase awareness about community-based art in the Montreal region. In 2011, she received a Masters degree in Art History from Concordia University, where she is currently a doctoral candidate in Art Education. Her thesis explores mindful walking as a method for critical place-based artistic inquiry.

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Lundi: Fermé

Mardi: 11h - 15h

Mercredi: Fermé

Jeudi: 11h - 15h

Vendredi: Fermé

Jeudi le 16 mai de 17h à 19h

Avec Marie Lavorel


April 26, 2019, 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.

“What’s in a body?” is the title of RANT's residency project at the Acts of Listening Lab.

From February 25 to March 1, while in residency at the Acts of Listening Lab, the ensemble members of RANT embarked on a deep-listening journey. They investigated their ability to listen, explored better listening practices and welcomed five participants to share personal stories about conflicts they've encountered. Mental health, political upheaval, peacekeeping in former Yugoslavia, and challenging complications in modern love were some of the themes brought to the residency over the week.

The ensemble saw their empathy challenged and developed a greater appreciation for deeper, holistic listening.

In this special open house performance, RANT will feature the invited participants, the stories they shared during the residency week and a live response to their stories by the ensemble members under the RANT format. This case is unique as the performers have had time since the residency week to study in detail video material and practice embodied expression connected to each of the participants.

Originally formulated by Concordia theatre and development alumnus Julian Duarte, BFA 18, the RANT performance event model is in continuing evolution. RANT is both a theatre company and a performance event that centres on the short playback form by the same name — rant —to reflect audience members' stories. Members of the public are invited to share stories imbued with bottled-up energy, intense emotions and thoughts, which are then reflected back to them by the ensemble.

When the event has had its fill of sharing, the combined compendium of all that has been offered is then repurposed into further aesthetic renditions of performance — an artistic transformation of the communal energy.

What you will witness is a work in progress and any thoughts or insights afterwards will be welcome.

The members of RANT are honoured to be artists in residence at the Acts of Listening Lab and appreciate the time and space given to them to deepen their work.

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