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(Postponed) Sharing Insights: Audiovisual Montage as a Co-Creative Method for Making Oral History Public


Mercredi le 22 mai de 12h à 14h

Avec Pohanna Pyne Feinberg

This workshop focuses on practical, technical and theoretical aspects of creating audio-visual portraits as a method for making oral history research public (Miller, Little & High, 2018) – and also as a legitimate method of interpretation (Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot,1997). Focusing on the process employed for my research-creation thesis project Walking With (www.walkingwith.ca), we will begin by reviewing the project’s objective to explore the pedagogical force of walking through insights offered by artists who walk as an aspect of their practice. We will then discuss what I learned from the process I employed to gather audio and visual material during interviews, to edit the materials in collaboration with interviewees, and then to create montages of the material. 

As an artist-educator and curator, Pohanna Pyne Feinberg’s work is generated by curiosity, the extraordinary in the ordinary, textures of impermanence, the resonance of collective memory, and acts of compassion. Her art practice takes the form of community co-creations, participatory audio walks, mixed media installations, and walk-based collaborations with the commonplace that are expressed through hand-carved printmaking and cyanotypes. Her work as an educator comprises designing and guiding art education programs for cultural organizations and schools. In 2009, she developed InspireArt.org, an on-line magazine with the mandate to increase awareness about community-based art in the Montreal region. In 2011, she received a Masters degree in Art History from Concordia University, where she is currently a doctoral candidate in Art Education. Her thesis explores mindful walking as a method for critical place-based artistic inquiry.

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