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The Neighbourhood Theatre (TNT) in Residence


Enseignant: Ted Little
Jeudi 1:30pm - 5:30pm

The Neighbourhood Theatre (TNT) in Residence is a 3 credit, upper-level, theatre and development course that takes an interdisciplinary, “hands-on,” place-based approach to exploring many of the ethical and practical considerations facing artists and others wishing to work “in residence” with community partners. It’s a course about how theatre artists, oral historians, documentary media artists, and others interested in social innovation, animation, and activism might meet and explore social change within Montreal neighbourhoods. The course combines assigned reading in areas such as community-engaged arts, oral history, performance, and documentary media, with independent research, interviews with residents, and explorations in individual and collaborative performance creation. The class is exploring various approaches to working “in-residence” that include theatre and communication skills workshops, site-specific theatre, theatricalized storytelling, and digital literacy projects involving theatre/video/music projects with local residents, digital storytelling, and theatricalized video walking tours. The course has a limited enrollment, however, it is open to undergraduate or graduate students from any discipline.

From September to December 2013, TDEV 498O and TNT will once again be working “in-residence” in the historic Atwater Library and Computer Centre—western downtown Montreal's community library, digital learning centre and community meeting place. The Atwater Library is a private, non-profit institution with a history dating back to 1828.

For more about the class and project, and to view a sampling of some of work generated by the TNT in Fall 2012, visit:http://oralhistory.concordia.ca/TNT/ . To discuss admission, contact Ted Little: edward.little@concordia.ca

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