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Audio Editing with Adobe Audition (III)


Mardi, octobre 20, 2020 - 13:00 to 15:00
Vitalyi Bulychev

(In English) 

In order to accommodate social distancing, all of COHDS/ALLab events will be held online.

Seats are limited. Registration required

13h00-15h00 EST


(Week 3) Audio Editing with Adobe Audition:

  • In depth look at how to edit audio recordings
  • Two hour zoom sessions once a week for a 4 week period. Participants are encouraged to attend all four workshops.
  • Affiliates are encouraged to have their own audio recordings

week 1 – introduction, workflow, overview of program

week 2 -  sound editing principles, editing strategies

week 3 – effects – sound enhancing effects, cleaning of sound strategies

week 4 – final edit, final mix (especially for those with multiple tracks)

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