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Walk in the Water | Marcher sur les eaux


Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 17:00 to 18:00
Kathleen Vaughan

In order to accommodate social distancing, all of COHDS/ALLab events will be held online.

17h00-18h00 EST


Launch: Walk in the Water | Marcher sur les eaux, virtual audio walk and talk with the artist Kathleen Vaughan, sound engineer/recordist Marie-Josée Archambault, and McClure Gallery Director Thi-My Truong.

The launch is a joint event of the McClure Gallery, which recently featured an exhibition of Kathleen’s textile maps, including the audio guide’s companion interactive Walk in the Water visual work, and Concordia University’s Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling (COHDS), which fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration through oral history, the arts, and digital media. It will be featured on Field Trip.

Walk in the Water: The Audio Guide is a 60-minute audio exploration of Montrealer’s relationship with the St. Lawrence River, with specific reference to the much-changed and now inaccessible shoreline of the city’s post-industrial neighbourhood of Pointe-St-Charles. The project explores pasts and potential futures and invites the listener to get involved. Extended over two centuries by up to a kilometre with infill from urban mega-projects, local industrial waste, and even the buried residues of the City’s one-time garbage dump, this shoreline is emblematic of ways that people have abused and neglected urban rivers. Now, thankfully, a new era is at hand, as we begin to show rivers and their creatures the care and respect they deserve. 

The project was conceived, written and narrated by artist and educator, Kathleen Vaughan, with sound design and engineering by Marie-Josée Archambault, and features interviews with engaged Pointe-St-Charles stakeholders and St. Lawrence River experts, as well as the voice of the River itself. For the launch, they will discuss the making of the project and the meanings of visual and auditory media with Thi-My Truong, coordinator the McClure Gallery of Montreal’s Visual Arts Centre.

Join us online via Facebook or using Zoom through this link: https://concordia-ca.zoom.us/j/83842637177

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