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Screening + Discussion with filmaker M. Bulent Gunduz: Kurdistan Kurdistan


Tuesday, September 8, 2015 - 12:00
Bulent Gunduz

Bulent Gunduz with his newly released film is coming to COHDS to share stories about exile, music, politics, mothers, cultural of storytelling in his native Kurdistan.

In the 1990s, Delil Dilanar, one of the great Kurdish singers, who continues to keep alive a tradition of a rich and complex musical style of dengbej that he has inherited from master Egîtê Cimo, was forced to leave his homeland and go into exile in Europe. After 20 years of exile, he finds that his heart hasn’t followed him. During a concert in New York, he announces his return to his roots. But back in Kurdistan he falls into a deep depression. He tries to recover with his music master who comes to join him in the village.

Bulent Gunduz, born in Turkish Kurdistan, graduated in engineering from Kahraman Maras University but he quickly realized that his interests lay elsewhere. He studied film and journalism in Istanbul and left to Paris for political reasons. After a first documentary, in 2011 he directed ROBOSKI MON AMOUR.


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