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The Lost Stories Project


Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 12:00 to 14:00
Ronald Rudin

(ASL interpretation will be provided.)

There are countless stories about the Canadian past that are unknown to all but a few people. The goal of the Lost Stories project is to bring some of those stories to light through a series of short documentary films, each of which would allow the viewer to follow a journey of creation leading to the installation of a simple marker on a site linked to the story. The pilot for this series features the story of Thomas Widd, a deaf Montrealer of the late nineteenth-century, who founded what became the Mackay School for the Deaf, but whose name was "lost" when Joseph Mackay provided the land and money for the building that stood till the 1960s in NDG. With support from the local deaf community, the Montreal artist, Lalie Douglas, has created a mural for the site, and the documentary of the process is in production. This presentation will describe the Lost Stories project, its goals, and its progress to date.

1400 De Maisonneuve West, 10th floor, LB-1042

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