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Listening Tables II


Friday, September 13, 2019 - 17:00 to 20:00

Hosted by Acts of Listening Lab postdoctoral fellow Rajni Shah, ‘Listening Tables’ is a series of four events exploring the relationships between listening, gathering, and feminisms. Rather than inviting guest speakers, Rajni has invited a guest listener to be present at each event, who will bring their own way of listening, shaped by their unique lived experiences, to the table. These events will be carefully held, and Rajni especially welcomes people who feel marginalised or silenced by more mainstream structures of dialogue and interaction.

This second Listening Table will be attended by special guest Leo Burtin. Leo and Rajni met in 2012 when Leo worked on Rajni’s showGlorious, which had at its heart the idea that strangers might become friends. Since then, Leo has gone on to work as a producer, writer, researcher, and chef, creating shows and public interventions that use food as the catalyst to share stories from the margins, and to generate transformative conversations between strangers. As a queer white man, Leo wonders: in what ways could a feminist approach to listening lead us towards radical new imaginings of hospitality?

*Strictly limited capacity with compulsory sign-up (max 25) - guests will receive further information and a reminder a week before the event.

Please contact Rajni (rajni.shah@concordia.ca) if you have any questions about access.

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