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WATSON, Louise


Social and cultural anthropology, Free University, Berlin (Germany)

Reaching towards the end of my bachelor degree, it was necessary for me to step out by realizing something meaningful, hopefully bringing positive change. After having carried out projects either dealing with visual storytelling (mainy photography) or with oral work (sharing circles) in various places, such as India, Greece, Renuion island -France- and Germany, this experience will be for me completely new.

Circle of Voices

Circle of Voices is a collaborative multimedia research project conducted in Quebec in the summer of 2016 with young Native women. Centered around their paths, we explored the interplay between the process of cultural revitalization and the construction of their identity through four topics: land, language, art and spirit. Merging methodologies of visual and digital anthropology with traditional oral practices, the project entails participatory photography workshops, biographical interviews, sharing circles, traditional dance workshops, academic writings as well as sound and video recordings.

It will be available at circleofvoices.com from the summer of 2017 and aims for two objectives: bringing educational awareness about the situation of Native youth, in particular women, and upholding the defense of their rights by linking the movements of revitalization and self-determination. Aside from presenting the research on the website, the project will extend to social networks via a Facebook page with the idea to open the possibility for other indigenous youths to share their stories around the pride and resilience of their cultures. These contributions, open to all forms of media (photo, video, sound and text) will be published on a blog connected to circleofvoices.com, creating a space for them to share their artistic creations and various initiatives, to inspire and support one another around the resurgence of their Nations and their identities.




Concordia University