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WATSON, Louise


Social and cultural anthropology, Free University, Berlin (Germany)

Reaching towards the end of my bachelor degree, it was necessary for me to step out by realizing something meaningful, hopefully bringing positive change. After having carried out projects either dealing with visual storytelling (mainy photography) or with oral work (sharing circles) in various places, such as India, Greece, Renuion island -France- and Germany, this experience will be for me completely new.

Voices and visions of indigenous women in Quebec

This project aims to bridge three causes that are very dear to me and that I believe are still under-represented: women's empowerment, indigenous rights and climate justice. As a young woman, I'm seeking for connection with other young women, spaces to share our stories and build trust to become stronger together. As a european, I'm coming to learn from indigenous peoples, give their voices a wider audience and bring their visions forward. As a human being, I'm concerned about climate change and aware of the urge to act as well as the possibilites we can create for change.

With the project, I want to support and enable their participation and leadership.

The tools I will use to conduct the project will be of different kinds: ceremonial (through the practice of sharing circles), artistic (via song, dance and music), active (with a group's initiative) and playful (with things like games or walks). Media will also play a big role as I want to create an interactive platform with recordings, photographs and writings, reporting the different steps of the adventure. As final result, this website will represent my bachelor thesis.


Concordia University