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Visiting Scholar: Niamh Kavanagh


Academic Bio

Niamh Kavanagh is a third-year PhD student based in the Department of Sociology at the University of Manchester, UK. Niamh gained her undergraduate degree in Sociology (BSocSci), as well as her masters in Sociological Research (MSc) from the University of Manchester. Her research interests centre largely on urban sociology, with a particular focus on urban change, urban regeneration/gentrification, demolition, inequalities and displacement. They also extend to theoretical literature on place, the self and belonging.


Short Summary of PhD Research

‘Exploring working-class experiences of displacement in Salford’

Niamh’s PhD research aims to understand working-class experiences of urban displacement that have occurred between the 1960s-1990s. The focus lies on Salford, a post-industrial city situated in the north-west of England. Under the context of urban regeneration or state-led gentrification, Salford experienced a major programme of housing renewal, resulting in many residents being displaced and re-housed in surrounding areas. Niamh’s research adopts a conceptual framework that combines a focus on temporality, place and the life course. It draws on a mixed-method approach including life history interviews, walking interviews and photo-elicitation. By looking at experiences of displacement through a life course and temporal lens, Niamh hopes to complicate the idea of displacement as a one-off event, instead revealing how displacement becomes entwined with other dimensions of a person’s life over time.  In this sense, the research unpacks the complexities that exist within people’s lived experiences, shedding light on the heterogeneous nature of displacement.


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