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Round Table 2: Récits de soi, élaborations identitaires et production de savoirs


Tuesday, March 29, 2016
12:00 to 2:00PM

MODALITÉS DU RÉCIT DE VIE aux carrefours des sciences humaines, des média, des lettres et des arts

The objective of this series organized at the Centre of Oral History and Digital storytelling (CODHS / COHRN) is to rethink the usages and modalities of «self-narratives» in the context of documentary, humanities, literature and art. In these conversations, we hope to exchange ideas on these practices and put them in dialogue with oral history research done at COHDS by affiliate researchers and practitioners. We will also reflect on the many ways self narratives are collected and mobilized by different disciplines, how they help question and curb media and disciplinary discourses to invent new approaches.

Table ronde 2: Récits de soi, élaborations identitaires et production de savoirs

Hourig Attarian, professeure assistante au département d'éducation,
Mapping a Language of Vulnerability

Catherine Mavrikakis, professeure de littérature et écrivaine,
Le récit de sa mort: quelques notes sur Paul et Lucy Kalanithi

Nicoletta Dolce, chercheure en littérature et danseuse,
Témoigner in absentia: justice et justesse aux abords de l'humain

Stacey Zembrzycki, professeure assistante affiliée en histoire,
Loneliness, Intimacy and Life Histories of Health

Series organized by Stéphane Martelly, postdoctoral fellow for research-creation at COHDS.

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