Henri Quenette est un réalisateur de film documentaire franco-américain. Après quatre années d'études cinématographiques à l'université Paris III, il se spécialise dans la réalisation de film documentaire à l'Université de Provence Aix-Marseille où il termine son Master 2 par un stage au CHORN. Après avoir co-réalisé en 2012 A Tiny Drop of Change, film documentaire sur des personnes vivants au Canada ayant décidé de suivre des modes de vies alternatifs en accord avec leurs idéaux, il réalise en 2013 Love Me Tenderloin, film documentaire sur un quartier de San Francisco où se regroupe la majorité des itinérants de la ville.

Love Me Tenderloin

The Tenderloin has long been known as the "heart" of San Francisco. It is the last refuge for elderly, disabled and low-income working people striving to stay in the city. This area is perhaps the last frontier in SF's ever-expanding gentrification trend. It has a high density population and has prominent issues with drugs. San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood can be a difficult place in which to live. Almost a quarter of the neighborhood’s residents live below the poverty level. It can be painful to look at how hard life is for some people. We think of that existing in some far-off country or continent, but it’s in our own backyard, right in downtown San Francisco. At the same time, we’re talking to people about how much love there is among the residents of this neighborhood and the people who work there in order to improve the life of the Tenderloin residents.

Love Me Tenderloin shows the everyday life of five inhabitants living in the Tenderloin. A typical sequence will illustrate each interviewee as he/she goes about a typical day. I already have a variety of people representing a range of homeless or very-low income situations. These stories will be coupled with interviews and footage of social workers and people living in the Tenderloin. The homeless and low income subjects will be purposefully given a majority of the speaking time in the film, prioritizing their own story and voice.

Love Me Tenderloin from Love Me Tenderloin on Vimeo.

The team is currently fundraising to cover production and post-production costs.




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