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Performing Migratory Identity


January 19 from 12:30pm to 2:00pm

Natasha Davis is an interdisciplinary theatre artist working at the intersection of performance art, theatre and visual arts with a special focus on exile, trauma and memory. In her lecture-demonstration she will discuss the use of theatre space, installations and her own performing body to create politically engaged material about identity and migration, based on autobiography, mythology, historical facts and fiction. The focus of this talk will be Natasha's recent trilogy and the performance Internal Terrains, in which she uses the concepts of repetitive returns to the trauma of displacement as characterizing patterns of the exilic theatre aesthetics.

Natasha’s performance and installation work crosses the disciplines of medical science and social and political studies. In 2009 Natasha made a performance about cancer and migration, looking at the decay of the body and decay of the land due to civil war, which became Rupture, the first part of her solo trilogy. She conducted research for Asphyxia, the second part of the trilogy, in South America in high altitude where it was difficult to breathe. The final piece in the trilogy, Suspended, explored the state of being out-of-balance and saw the audience share the performance space with Natasha. Internal Terrains continues on the trilogy and looks at life as a choreography of decades, in search of what's at stake as we travel from one decade to another. Poetic and sensual, the performance plays chords with films and installations, crows, cages and electric shocks.

Born in Croatia and permanently based in London, Natasha Davis has lived in Serbia, Greece, and Syria and managed longer projects in Japan – her work is coloured and defined by migration and displacement experiences. Natasha has created more than thirty projects (performances, films and installations) about the impact of migration on a person's life and how memory defines identity. She has performed at major UK venues including the National Theatre Studio as part of SPILL Festival, Chelsea Theatre London, Barbican Plymouth, Birmingham Rep, Colchester Arts Centre, Playhouse Derry as part of The City of Culture and many others. She has also presented work internationally, most recently in Cyprus, Ireland, Spain, USA and India. Natasha collaborates regularly with composer Bob Karper, choreographer and video artist Lucy Cash and lighting designer Marty Langthorne. When not creating work as a solo artist, she has devised and performed with leading contemporary artists such as Pacitti Company in Rome, Blast Theory in Dresden, Mikhail Karikis on a UK tour, Tino Sehgal at Tate Modern London etc. She has worked as dramaturge with Marisa Carnesky and performed in Helen Paris (Curious) and Caroline Wright's Out of Water in San Francisco.


Concordia University