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O Stories - Oral History on the Radio


COHDS' radio program, O Stories, showcasing the work of our affiliates and guest speakers, is produced by Caroline Künzle and her team. It airs on the Thursdays at 2 PM, once a month, on CKUT 90.3 FM or via the web at www.ckut.ca. 

UPCOMING PROGRAMMING:The next program airs February 27 at 2 PM.

On November 28, 
O Stories featured interviews with researcher and artist Stéphane Martelly and community educator and scholar Désirée Rochat. Both participated in a round table entitled ''Art, Activism, and Memory: The Reinvention of Caribbeanness and Blackness in Montreal.''  Stéphane Martelly speaks to us, in French, about the Haitian notion of "négritude" and Désirée Rochat tells us about the challenges of creating community archives. Listen to the podcast below.

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