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New Special Issue of AMODERN on Oral Literature - 5 COHDS Contributors


New special issue of the literary journal AMODERN edited by COHDS affiliates Jason Camlot and Christine Mitchell on “The Poetry Series,” explores the idea of “oral literature” as part of the Spoken Web project. Among the other contributors are COHDS affiliates and alumni Ashley Clarkson, Steven High, and Deeana Fong. Oral historians will particularly enjoy Jason Camlot’s “transcription collage.” Congrats to all!

As digital migration and networking broaden the territory, possibilities and forms of humanities scholarship, audio recordings of literary performances present a rich new area for critical inquiry. The poetry reading series, as a literary and performance genre and temporal entity, demands special emphasis as it resists straightforward classifications and modes of presentation. How can we approach, understand and engage with “the poetry series” as a discursive formation, a historical occasion, and as a literary subject as we encounter it through a variety of print and sound media artifacts?



Concordia University