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Researcher - School of Humanities, Keele University

Leverhulme International Academic Fellowship

I have worked at Keele University since completing my PhD at the University of Southampton in 1999. To date, my research has focused on literary cartographies, notably in the post 1960 francophone Quebecois novel, and more recently, anglophone Quebec and Canadian fiction. I teach modules on the Canadian Metropolis (Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver novels) and on Writingscapes (spatial theory and creative writing on space and place). Throughout my career, I have been interested in relationships between material and imaginary geographies, and hope that taking up participatory methodologies will offer new perspectives on these.

Heartlands/pays du coeur: imagining and representing Quebec's 'regions'

As is well known, the Quiet Revolution saw Quebec reject the past and embrace a modernity identified with Montreal. As a result, spaces and places outside of this city were relegated to a secondary position; seen as social and cultural backwaters on the one hand, and yet repositories of an implicitly white, francophone, settler memory on the other. This project complicates such mappings by bringing together literary representations of one geographical region--the Eastern Townships--with the imaginary geographies which inform the everyday lives of certain groups of people living in them.

Publications, presentations, and other outcomes

Journal articles

‘The 1960s, Montreal, ‘hors-Montréal’, and translating modernity, Translations, forthcoming (2016).

‘Walking studies, the Eastern Townships, and William S. Messier’s Dixie’, Nottingham French Studies, forthcoming (2016).

Events organised

‘Walking’ Studies Today Network Seminar and Taster, Keele University, May 26, 2015 (supported by HUMSS Strategic Fund)

Creative responses to place roundtable: Keele University, December 10, 2015

Conference and seminar papers

‘Oral History and Creative Writing: Producing Place’. COHDS, May 6, 2015. Funded by Leverhulme International Academic Fellowship (IAF), 2014-15.

‘Writing, talking and walking Québec’s Eastern Townships’, Walking as a Way of Knowing session, American Association of Geographers annual meeting, Chicago, April 21-5, 2015.

‘The North Shore in contemporary fiction in Québec’, Central European Association for Canadian Studies Conference, Zagreb, October 9-10, 2015.

‘Mindscapes et pays du cœur’, l’UQÀM, January 25, 2016.



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