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MILLER, Liz (Core Member - Communication Studies)


Associate Professor, Department of Communications Studies, Concordia University

As an independent documentary videomaker, trans-media artist, and professor who lived in Central and South America for over six years, Liz Miller is committed to producing work that connects individuals across cultures. Fifteen years of community media experience and a background in political economics, electronic media art, and Latin American studies, fuel her exploration of new media as art and as an educational tool. She is interested in new approaches to community collaborations and the documentary format and her work connects personal stories to larger social concerns. More recently, she has been exploring a range of non-linear documentaries.

Current Projects

En la casa, la cama y la calle

It's not every day that a TV drama gets produced in a small, Central American country like Nicaragua, which is still reeling from the effects of decades of dictatorship, revolution, and war. It's not every day that scriptwriters work hand in hand with on-the-ground organizations to develop storylines designed to combat such complex problems as the commercial sexual exploitation of adolescents. Its not everyday a women’s crew comes together to “make the personal political” both on and offscreen. “En la casa, la cama y la calle” gets behind the scenes to show how Puntos de Encuento, a Nicaragua feminist organization is combining TV with social movements across the Americas to build awareness and incite action around one of the most complex issues of our day.

See video here

Mapping Memories

Mapping Memories is a participatory media project involving DIY cartography and refugee youth in coordination with the various partners including the Canadian Council for Refugees, the Cote de Neige Youth Center, the YWCA. It uses personal stories and a range of media tools (DIY cartography, video, sound walks, mapping, photography) to better understand the experiences of youth with refugee experience in Montreal. Our objective has been to produce creative work that will have an impact on policy, education, art and on the lives of the youth involved. We have produced a book in english and french, both of which are available for download as well as over twenty films and documentaries.

Publications, presentations, and other outcomes

Film Screenings

Hands on – Cinéma sous les étoiles (Montreal, 2015).

Hands on – Ecozine Film Festival (Saragoza, Spain, 2015).

Hands on – Climate Talks (Paris).


Miller, L. (2015) Klima, Popular Science Magazine, Oslo, Norway, http://cicero.uio.no/no/posts/klima/collaboration-makes-green

Miller, L. and Marty Allor, (in progress) Choreographies of Collaboration: Social Engagement in Interactive Documentaries, Studies in Documentary Film, (peer reviewed and resubmitted June, 2015).


2015 Miller, L., “Parallel Discoveries: Co-Creation Modeling For Socially Engaged Digital Documentaries,” Visible Evidence, Toronto, August, 2015.

2015 Miller, L. “En la casa: A media topography of feminist engagement,” International Association for Media and Communication Research, Montreal, July, 2015.



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