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Forbidden Voices", a Performance Tribute to Iranian Female Singers


"As Clerics say; “women’s voices have the potential to trigger immoral sensual or kinetic arousal.” In 60s and 70s “Lalezar” a famous street in the heart of Tehran once was filled with cafes, theaters, discos and many vibrant  large and small cabarets with female and male performers and singers with variety of styles  pop, traditional, rock, and so on.  

COHDS Core Member Shahrzad Arshadi will be performing "Forbidden Voices", a Performance Tribute to Iranian Female Singers, with music accompaniment by Janet Lumb this weekend at m.a.i. Montreal!

*Friday Jan. 19 + Saturday Jan.20 – 8 pm @ m.a.i Montreal*
Address: 3680, rue Jeanne-Mance, bureau 103


For more info:

Sharzhad's blog post: https://shahrzadarshadi.wordpress.com/2018/01/08/forbidden-voices/

m.a.i. Montreal: http://mailchi.mp/m-a-i/laffiche-eclectik-2018-gs-et-djants-b?e=6da0ae1fb9


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