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FAGEN, Erica


PhD Student, History, University of Massachusetts

My doctoral research at UMass Amherst builds on my MA work at Carleton University. It will look at how Nazi memory was presented in various types of media between 1983 and 2012.  In particular, I am interested in how emerging digital technologies allow for members of the German public to present their views on their country’s Nazi past.  

By using government sources, materials from museum collections, and information from social media sites such as Flickr and YouTube, my project will examine how memory of the Third Reich evolved.  This will provide a lens into Nazi memory in divided and post-unification Germany, and will build on the literature on memory of post-1945 Germany. 

Publications, presentations, and other outcomes



  • Fagen, Erica. “Review: What is media archaeology by Jussi Parikka.” Information, Communication, and Society.  
  • Holocaust Memory in the Digital Mediascape, book manuscript, with Jennifer Evans and Meghan Lundrigan. Under contract with Bloomsbury UK.


  • Presenter. Title of Paper: “Narrating the Holocaust on Social Media: Auschwitz-Birkenau, Neuengamme, and the Challenges of Historical Memory.” Putting History to Work: Graduate History Conference, University of Massachusetts Amherst, March 6, 2016.
  • Workshop participant, Jews and the Study of Popular Culture. German Studies Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, October 3-5, 2015.
  • Presenter. Title of Paper: “To Selfie or Not to Selfie: Photography and the Process of Memory-Making at Former Concentration Camps.” History on the Edge: National Council for Public History Annual Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee, April 16, 2015

Invited talk

  • Title of Paper: “Snap, Filter, and Post: Instagram and the Performance of Historical Memory,” Center for Heritage and Society Colloquium Series, University of Massachusetts Amherst, March 12, 2015.


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