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COHDS part of a CIHR project


COHDS is part of a new two-year partnership development project, jointly funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and SSHRC, that focus on two children's hospitals in Toronto. Led by Laurie Gottlieb, of McGill's School of Nursing, with Steven High as a co-researcher, the project breaks new ground in terms of the ways that oral history and digital storytelling can be used to effect change.

Our current healthcare system is deficit-based, problem focused, and disease centric. Patients and families often feel dis-empowered and without voice. This state of affairs also extends to nurses. Nurses experience a workplace that reduces nursing to a set of technical tasks, rewards efficiency, and devalues time with patients. Research into nurses’ work-life environments has found a relationship between the workplace environment and the quality of care delivered. What is urgently needed is a major paradigm shift from deficit-based to strength-based approach. A strengths approach focuses on enhancing, developing, and working with strengths to bring out the best in the person and the workplace. Working with two children hospitals in Toronto, this project will use oral history and story-sharing in order to build communities of caring, encourage reflexive practice, and effect social and political change. Digital stories will also be integrated into nursing training.


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