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COHDS-07-001 Occupied St. John's


The history of St. John's Newfoundland during the Second World War is one that blurs the usual North American distinctions between "war front" and "home front". So numerous were the soldiers, airmen, and sailers from Canada and the United States, that the residents of St. John's took to calling their arrival a "friendly invasion" or "occupation". From the life of the harbour, to volunteer work, to marriages between St. John's women and American soldiers, Occupied St. John's explores the profound effect the war years had on the city through the perspectives of its residents. Lead by researcher Steven High, this collection and accompanying anthology was sponsored by the Johnson Family Foundation and aimed at filling a void in the scholarship about the history of St. John's. 

The fonds consists of 47 open access interviews; 4 must be viewed at COHDS facilities. 


Concordia University