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COHDS-06-002 Sturgeon Falls Mill Closure


Created under the direction and supervision of Professor Steven High, this collection examines place identity and attachment in the former paper mill town of Sturgeon Falls, Ontario. Sturgeon Falls was a single-industry town and like many other such towns scattered across the provincial northlands of Canada, it has had to re-invent itself in the face of catastrophic job loss. The company Weyerhauser's decision to close the Sturgeon Falls Mill in 2002, after a century of production, is therefore part of a far larger story related to the economic crisis facing forestry-dependent towns across Canada. The interviews in this collection provide an opportunity to explore the cultural meaning of displacement from the vantage point of those most directly involved: workers themselves. 

Fonds consists of 60 interviews; 52 are open access interviews, 8 are anonymous. 


Concordia University