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COHDS-05-002 Holy Family Parish


The Holy Family Parish is a Roman Catholic Church with a multicultural congregation. Holy Family Parish started out as a basement church in May 1926. The first paster was Father Walsh. At first, the parish was founded in order to serve the Irish Catholic community of the Villeray district of Montreal. In the 1930s when Holy Family School was constructed, there was a natural link made between the school and the church. At the time, the school was not only attended by Irish Catholics, but also French Canadians, and the many Italians who were immigrating to Montreal. From there, Holy Family's scope changed as it was no longer a parish for the Irish, but for all English speaking Catholics in the Villeray district. As the years went by, Holy Family went from a neighbourhood parish to a city parish. Parishioners were no longer from close by, but were coming from all parts of Montreal. The interviews in this collection are with parishioners of Holy Family Parish. They discuss the parish father, Father Baxter, the programs offered by the church, the sermons, and the congregation at large. 

Fonds consists of 9 interviews, 8 are open access. Interviews are in English.


Concordia University