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COHDS-05-001 Voices of Little Burgundy


The Little Burgundy was founded as Saite-Cunegonde, an independent town from the city of Montreal proper. During the Industrial Revolution it was the site of many so-called "smokestack" industries. Sainte-Cungonde was absorbed into the larger city near the turn of the 20th century. As one of the most important sites for the nascent trans-Canadian railway industry, a great many African-American workers were brought in from the United States. Later, Caribbean blacks also moved in, leading to Little Burgundy's unique niche as the home of Montreal's working-class English-speaking black community. Today, the neighbourhood has endured several phases of gentrification. The interviews in this collection are with present and former resident of Little Burgundy whose interviews tackle questions of race, class, and discrimination. 

Fonds consists of 13 open access interviews, 10 can be viewed only at COHDS facilities. Interviews are in English. 


Concordia University