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Bianca Brigidi is an interdisciplinary researcher on indigenous peoples’ history, culture, language, and ethnographies of Latin American countries. Brigidi has taught at universities and small colleges in both North and South American countries. Recently, she concluded a year as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she developed the project “Mandinga Brazilian Studies Initiative.”

Currently, Bianca Brigidi is a Professor of Latin American History and Indigenous Studies at Quest University Canada where she is the Chair of the Quest University First Nations Education Initiative. She is also a Research Associate at the Communities and Social Museology: University Extension, and Affirmative Action Among Black Communities, Indigenous Peoples, Quilombolas, Peripheral, and LGBTQ led by Dr. Jean Baptista from the University of Goiás, Brazil.

Transcultural Storytelling Across Borders: Memory and Cultural Heritage of minoritized populations in Brazil and Canada

The project entitled "Transcultural Storytelling Across Borders: Memory and Cultural Heritage of minoritized populations in Brazil and Canada" is a collaborative research project derived from the institutional partnership of Quest University Canada and University of Goiás in Brazil. This initiative aims to plan, design, recruit participants, and lead workshops to foster oral ethnohistories told by minoritized populations living in Brazil and Canada. Our project works specifically with leaders of First Nations and other multiracial communities (Quilombolas, i.e.) to exchange experiences, to promote transnational dialogues, and to create archives about their challenges and experiences in times of reconciliation.

Oral history enables and provides access to these populations to create narratives authored by themselves. During the storytelling process, these leaders create memory of their past but also their current experiences, producing a historical archive written by the terms defined by them and their contexts. While we're in the initial stages of the project, we're working in building a collaborative platform with the communities of Sea to the Sky area, in B.C. and the Goiânia region in Brazil. Upon our workshops, the aim is for these communities to interview each other and we will facilitate the work in every stage. Our international group of researchers are coordinated by Professors Ahalya Satkunaratnam and Bianca Brigidi from Quest University Canada, Professor Eduardo Viana da Silva from the University of Washington and Professor Jean Baptista from the University of Goiás, Brazil.



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