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BAKER, Khadija (Core Member)


Khadija Baker is a Montreal-based, multi-disciplinary artist of Kurdish-Syrian descent. Her installations investigate social and political themes centered on the uncertainty of home as it relates to persecution, identity, displacement, and memory. As a witness to traumatic events, unsettled feelings of home are a part of her experience. Her multi-disciplinary installations (textile, sculpture, audio/video) involve participative storytelling and performance to create active spaces of empathy and greater understanding. Her most recent work explores the social aspects of violence in the Arab world and specifically how it affects women and children. You can see examples of her work at khadijabaker.info

Selected Solo Shows:

·     Nov, Behind Walls/Maps, (installation) Karash-Masson Gallery, Ottawa, ON

·     Jan, When Spirits Awaken, (multimedia & performance), 101 Gallery, Ottawa, ON

·     Sep, Sing your song map our dreams, interactive online project at LA Fabrique Culturelle, QC
·     May, Don’t leave me.. I am still alive, (multimedia), Accès-Asie Festival &OBORO, Montreal, QC

·     Feb, Unravelling Empire (multimedia), ASpace gallery& FADO Performance, Toronto, ON

·     Nov, Miramar/Transformation, interactive installation, Le PARC, Vidéographe, Montréal, QC

·     October, Behind Walls, (multimedia) Montréal, arts interculturels (M.A.I), Montreal, QC

·     April, Coffin/Nest, (multimedia), Montréal arts interculturels (M.A.I) Gallery, Montreal, QC

Selected group exhibitions:

·     July, In the presence of the abesent, performance at Darling Foundation, Montreal, QC
·     Jun, Come wash with us, (Tasht collective) Berkshire Conference of Women Historians, NYC, USA
·     Jan, Grieving Empire (multimedia), ASpace gallery, Toronto, ON
·     Feb, The blue beard today’s tale, La 35 e édition des Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois, QC,CA

·     Nov, “Pardon”, 29Th Instant Video festival, Marseille, Fr
·     Home Songs-letters, Video installation, at Transart Triennale 2016 Berlin & the 2016 London Biennale MANILA Pollination
·     Sep, "home-less-ness", (animation), Istanbul International Triennial, Istanbul, Turkey
·     June, Syrian Weeding, Terra Traces At La Centrale, Montreal, QC

·     Nov, "Syria Speaks", (animation) 6th DocuAsia Forum, Vancover, BC
·     Nov, I am alive, (animation), International Exile Film Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden
·     May, “My Little voice can’t lie”, DIVISION GALLERY, Montreal
·     May, The State of Origion: Reel & Imagined, Maison de la culture Cote-Des-Neigs, Montreal
·     Feb, I am alive, animation, Alwan gallery shortlisted for 3ed annual video competition, NYC, USA

·     March, “My little voice Can’t lie”, (performance), Art Souterrain&Nuit Blanche, Montreal, QC

·     Nov, Counter Memories, multimedia& life performance, Alwan gallery, NYC, USA(2 person show)
·     Oct, (video screening), Syria Contemporary Art Fair, Beirut, Lebanon
·     May, Dislocations, (video installation), CONTACT Photo Festival, Toronto, ON

·       Oct, SPLICE:“My little voice Can’t Lie”( performance), Blackwood Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
·       June, All our relations: Quand vous réveillez les esprits (multimedia installation, performance), the 18th Biennale of, Sydney, Australia
·       May, “My Little Voice Can’t Lie” (performance), OFTTA festival, Montréal, QC


Concordia University