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Artistes en Résidence


Dear COHDS community,
We invite you all to come this Friday at ALLab (lb-1042) from 10am to 12pm, to learn about the work of Emilie Monet, an Anishnaabe (Algonquin) and Waira Jacanimajoy, a Colombian Indigenous artist. They are in residence at the lab this week to share their work in progress with us. Their project ''Silent Singing'', deals with the problem of being silenced as Indigenous women. They have a number of interviews with other Indigenous women which they are thinking of using in their work. The 2 artists are coming back from a one week residency at OCAD University in Toronto, following the Artic/Amazon Symposium at Power Plant also in Toronto.
We are impatient to see all of you there!

The COHDS Team


Concordia University