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2016-03 Julia Dyck, Feminist Media fonds


This open fonds currently includes work created by student Julia Dyck in her capacity as a researcher during the Edgy Women Festival in 2016.

Edgy Oral History Project (2016-03-001) -- 9 interviews in English and French

The Edgy Oral History Project was created to document the stories, memories, and reflections of those involved in the Edgy Women Festival. As programming came to an end in 2016, the Edgy Oral History Project was created to preserve the memories of those involved in the festival, including participants, performers, and the founder of the Edgy Women Festical. The Edgy Oral History Project was presented at La Fin/The End Cabaret on 5 Mar 2016, as part of one of Edgy's last events centered around mourning and preserving the Edgy Women Festival. 

The Edgy Oral History Project series consistes of seven interviews with eight interviewees conducted by Julia Dyck. Participants include founder Miriam Ginestier, performance artisits Geromin Mathilde, Nathalie Cluade, Alexis O'Hara, Hannah Murrow (Lilac Poussez) and Dayne McLeod, Susana Cook, and T.L. Cowan. These interviews discuss topics such as the birth of the Edgy Women Festival, the Edgy community, favourite performances and memories, the end of Edgy, and its legacy. 

Edgy Women Festival was launched in 1994 by founder Miriam Ginestier and organized by Studio 303. The Festival's 23 year run showcased experimental performance pieces, cabarets, workshops, publication, and screenings that centered around feminist and queer aesthetics and themes. The Edgy Women Festival was housed in venues that ranged from theatres, cabaret stages, ice rinks, boxing clubs, to sidewalks. This multilingual and multidisciplinary festival featured hundreads of local and international artists. In 2013, funding for the Edgy Women Festical was cut, which resulted in the shortening of Edgy programming for three weeks to three events. With this change made to the programming, the Edgy Women Festival was renamed as Edgy Redux. 


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