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Affiliated professors and academic researchers are attached to various institutions and universities of Quebec. They come from different disciplines - history, communications, theatre, geography, literature, etc. - and participate actively in the Centre’s knowledge production.

College, undergraduate and graduate students from different displines are affiliated to the Centre.

Community affiliates are those people who are interested in oral and digital history and use it in their practice. Artists, educators, activists and other creators not attached to an educational institution are part of this category.

COHDS frequently welcomes visiting researchers during their stay in Montreal. They use our facilities and participate in the life of the Centre while conducting their own project.

International affiliates are based outside Quebec. They support the Centre and occasionally participate in its activities. They also allow our community to broaden the discussion beyond the borders of Montreal.

Museums, associations, and other institutions are also affiliated to COHDS and collaborate with our team on different oral history and digital storytelling projects.


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