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Facilities and Equipment


COHDS has a wide range of digital tools and equipment available for the use of affiliated  researchers and  projects, as well as students enrolled in “embedded courses” taught by faculty affiliates. COHDS is equipped with a broad range of audio and video recording equipment, still cameras, digital projectors, and transcription pedals. These can be reserved and borrowed by affiliates for free. However, affiliates are responsible for the equipment and must return it as agreed upon so others are not inconvenienced. 
The lab is equipped with both  PC and MAC workstations, with the requisite software for beginners as well as professionals authoring in video and sound. We provide lab support to affiliates during posted hours. Affiliated members may also book the COHDS meeting space (known as the 'blue room'), the training lab, or interview room on a first come first serve basis. 

Equipment Lending Policy

All equipment must be picked up and returned according to the following schedule:


Pick up


Tuesday 2 pm or later

Friday by noon or earlier

Friday 2 pm or later

Tuesday by noon or earlier


The first equipment reservation cycle starts on Tuesdays. Affiliates can pick up the equipment by 2 pm on Tuesdays or later, before closing time at 3 pm. They must return it by Friday at noon or earlier, during opening hours (starting at 11am).

The second equipment reservation cycle starts at 2 pm on Fridays, when affiliates can pick up the equipment, and ends on Tuesdays -the following week-, when they must return the equipment by noon or earlier.




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